TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS for Design and Development of Feeding Stations EPOL-RC

1 Purpose of Light Plant (Lantern, Spotlight) of Outdoor Lighting

1.1 For application as a light plant of street lighting in alternating current mains with nominal voltage of 220 V, with nominal frequency of 50 Hz.

1.2 For application in outdoor conditions (streets, neighborhoods, quarters and park zones) with protection degree of not less than IP 65 - IP 66.

1.3 For application in internal regime according to activation and deactivation schedule.

2 Requirements to Light Plant (Lantern).

To ensure:

2.1 At a given lesser lamp power, the level of illumination according to KMK 2.04.18 -97

2.2. The specified level of pavement brightness at necessary evenness of its distribution and at restriction of dazzle effect.

2.3. The light distribution class “Semi-direct lighting” N – from 60 to 80 inclusive.

2.4 The type of luminous intensity distribution curve in meridian planes “Broad”.

2.5 The type of luminous intensity distribution curve in equatorial plane “Side”.

2.6 The type of light distribution in blinding zone (restricted).

2.7 Efficiency factor of 65 and above.

2.8 Color rendering is approximated to day light Ra 85-91

2.9 Reduction of light flux (dimming) using ESCD.

2.10 Illumination is above 20 lux, 1.6 candle/m2 on main streets for general municipal purposes with carriageway width from 20 to 32 meters at lantern suspension height from 10 to 15 meters with poles spacing from 30 to 45 meters. Given installed poles on the both road sides or on the carriageway axis.

2.11 Illumination is above 15 lux, 1 candle/m2 on main streets of district scale with carriageway width from 10 to 14 meters at lantern suspension height from 10 to 12 meters with poles spacing from 30 to 35 m. Given installed poles on the both road sides or on the one road side.

2.12 Illumination is of intra-neighborhood lighting and neighborhood lighting of 6-10 lux, 0.4 candle/m2 with carriageway width from 4 to 8 meters at lantern suspension height from 7 to 10 meters with poles spacing from 25 to 30 m.

2.13 Illumination of park zones is 6 lux, 0.2 candle/m2 at lantern suspension height from 1.5 m to 4.5 m.

2.14 In park zones, to apply anti-vandal lanterns in crown implementation for creation of safe, aesthetic and comfortable situation and to ensure protection against upward directed light flux.

2.15 Illumination of tunnels is not less than 60 lux, 2 candle/m2 with carriageway width from 10 to 16 meters with height of lantern (spotlight) suspension from 5 to 6 meters, given the length of tunnels from 80 to 300 meters. Installation of lanterns should be made in side or suspended manner.

3 Requirements:

- Lantern Case

The case is made of cast aluminum with anti-corrosive coating. The design of the lantern case must ensure easy access to electric parts during operation. To ensure disassembly of electric panel with SCD without dismantlement the lantern off the pole. The lantern is mounted to bracket (d48-60mm.) It must have horizontal and vertical position.

- Optical Unit

Reflector made of high purity anodized aluminum, with a lighting focus adjustment mechanism. Protective glass; heat-resistant, shock-resistant silicate glass. Availability of plug-and-socket for power equipment with power transmission line. Optical unit must be packaged with a coal or felt filter. Sealing gaskets are made of flint organic rubber. Plug-and-jack connection should be provided between optical unit and ESCD unit.

-Fixing Systems

Hardware and outdoor locks (clips) made of stainless steel.

-Internal Metallic Parts

EMF, hinges, and brackets with zincous or other anti-corrosive coating.

4 Electric Component Parts of Lantern

4.1 Ceramic-metal lamp.

4.2 Electronic starting and control device - ESCD.

4.3 Cartridge resistant to high voltage, when base G 12. G 22 is applied.

5 Requirements to Special Equipment

5.1 Service life period of the case is not less than 30 years.

5.2 Service life period of the lamp is 20 000 hours.

5.3 Service life period of ESCD is not less than 10 years.

5.4 Range of operating temperatures from – 30 0 to + 60 0 С.

5.5 Guarantee period is not less than 3 years.

6 Accompanying Documentation and Materials for Lighting Device

6.1 Certificate of a manufacturing plant

6.2 Lighting device certificate of a manufacturing plant

6.3 Light characteristics of a lighting device

6.4 Technical characteristics for determination of illumination for road sections (according to following parameters)

- road width
- proposed stepping between poles
- lantern installation height
- length of bracket extension (1.5 m over carriageway).

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